Christmas and other holiday seasons are a huuuugggeeee contributor to clutter and stress. There's the whole unwanted gifts issue, the wastage, the feelings of guilt and obligation. The whole "giving presents for the sake of it" kind of thing can really become problematic.
Or even if you LOVE giving and receiving gifts, you still have to manage the volume of belongings in your home.
Bec and Tara talk about how you can reduce the clutter hangover this holiday season. Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, there's loads of advice that will help you out with other gift giving traditions you may have.
Tara the present nerd is all done with her shopping (and wrapping - yep, nerd!), and Bec the geek wants a hoverboard from Back to The Future.
It's long episode but it's jam-packed with clutter-free gift ideas so it will be worth it!
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