This next episode in the holiday season series deals with the Christmas schedule and all the stuff to do in the holiday season. Work out how to create a holiday season for your family with traditions that mean a lot to everyone, without stressing you out.
Bec and Tara look back at their childhood Christmases and talk about their own wishes for the holiday season. Tara loves being at home and Bec loves a very lazy Christmas.
Learn Bec's favourite method of stress reduction (it's her recurring theme and easier said than done but worth the effort!) and listen as Tara tries really really hard to let go of her Christmas Tree perfectionism!
Find out also how you might be able to reduce the wastage that happens SO MUCH at Christmastime. You will be shocked at how much we as a society throw out!
Also how many Christmas cards do you think Bec sent to the one family one year? You'll surely have a laugh at her ridiculousness!
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