You've probably heard lots of stories about successful people and how they attribute a lot of their success to their morning routines. If you're anything like Bec and Tara, who are best described as Morning Zombies, then you'll possibly see a similar start to your morning as a little beyond your reach. Well, we want to bring it within reach!
This week Tara chats to Amy Banocy, bestselling author, speaker and success coach who helps us learn about ways we can start our day right. Don't worry, Amy is not a "bounce out of bed at 4am" sort of person, either, so don't worry! She'll give you realistic tips to help you start your days on the right foot in a realistic and achievable way.
Note that this episode was recorded before the advent of the corona virus pandemic, so if Tara or Amy say anything that sounds weird under the current circumstances, that's why! We hope you can understand and don't take anything the wrong way.
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