Taming your email

Got thousands of emails in your inbox and it kinda freaks you out? Or do you get too many emails and feel overwhelmed? Spend too much time filing and not enough time doing? Here's an episode to calm your busy email brain.
From how to set up your inbox to how to send more efficient emails, Bec & Tara cover all sorts of email-related stuff this week. Tune in, mouse at the ready!
We'd love you to get in touch to discuss anything about the podcast. You can send us an email at rebecca@clearspace.net.au, basklifecoaching@outlook.com, or any of the links below will help you get in touch too.
Our website: www.beuncluttered.com.au (we also have detailed shownotes there)
Tara's website: www.basklifecoaching.com
Bec's websites: www.clearspace.net.au 
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