Un-busying your life

Following on from last week, Bec & Tara dive into how to reduce the busy-ness of your life.
If you're ready to jump off that hamster wheel, listen in for tips and hacks on how to reduce your "busy" feeling and slow your life down a little.
From committees to drama, from being a "yes person" to accidentally volunteering for things noone asked you to, Bec & Tara will help you smooth your schedule and ease the frenzy.
Learn Bec's habit of saying no, and find out what Tara means by her "tomato and basil" tasks.
We'd love you to get in touch to discuss anything about the podcast. You can send us an email at rebecca@clearspace.net.au, basklifecoaching@outlook.com, or any of the links below will help you get in touch too.
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