Unfinished projects

One of the Top Clutter Causes (it deserves caps) is Unfinished Projects. The stuff that you have laying around and stuffed in storage because it's waiting for something else to be done on it before it can be used or discarded.
It's a major cause of clutter and a big stumbling block for many people trying to simplify their lives, so this week Bec and Tara dive in and discuss the different types of "unfinished stuff" clutter there is and how you might go about tackling it.
We'd love you to get in touch to discuss anything about the podcast. You can send us an email at rebecca@clearspace.net.au, basklifecoaching@outlook.com, or any of the links below will help you get in touch too.
Our website: www.beuncluttered.com.au (we also have detailed shownotes there)
Tara's website: www.basklifecoaching.com
Bec's websites: www.clearspace.net.au 
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