It's wardrobe (closet!) month! This month is all about wardrobes, what we wear, why we wear it, how to be intentional, and how to organise your wardrobe.
For those of you in the US, when we say wardrobe we mean closet. But we also mean wardrobe (ie, the collection of clothes we own). We use the word wardrobe for both the closet AND the collection of our clothes, just to be confusing for you, sorry!
We're starting off this special month with a little sneak peek into what's in our wardrobes. Why do we wear what we wear? Why are we keeping the clothes we're keeping? Do we need to change what's in our wardrobes?
We'd love you to get in touch to discuss anything about the podcast. You can send us an email at, or any of the links below will help you get in touch too.
Our Insta: @beuncluttered
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